What do we teach?

We’ll introduce you to some amazing women in tech. You’ll learn new digital skills which don’t get taught in schools yet. You will create and invent things using technology. And you’ll meet like-minded folk from all over the UK in our community. 

Short Courses

Our courses explore technology subjects like gaming, coding, design. We design them like tech companies - this is not like being in school!


Our short video classes explore life skills like using social media, staying safe online, body positivity and more. All our content has been asked for by teens like you.

Inspiring Mentors

These short videos introduce you to some awesome people working in tech. They will tell you what their job is like and what it involves. After all, you can’t be what you can’t see.

We care about...

You’ll make new friends who, like you, have a passion for tech, whether that’s gaming, coding, filming or whatever! We’re here to connect you. We want to make a big online family of folk like you, who help one another.
Innovateher promotes unity in community

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