Level: Beginner

From gaming to Artificial Intelligence (AI), coding is the language of creation. Feel a rush of joy after writing a paragraph of code and running the program, knowing that you created it and made it work!

Let's jump right in and get your head around coding.

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About this Course

Our courses are 100% online, and have been designed by industry experts to give you a real insight of what it means to really be a coder!

  • Level: Beginner

  • 100% online

  • Learning on your own

  • Time to complete: 30 - 45 mins

  • Closed captions and transcripts included

  • Language: English

  • For best results, we recommend using Chrome, Edge or Firefox for this course. We don’t recommend Safari.

Course outline

    1. What is code?

    2. We have two questions for you!

    3. Why was coding invented?

    4. Which jobs use coding?

    5. Role models in coding!

    6. What did you think of this course?

    7. What's Next?

    8. Video Transcripts

About this course

  • Free
  • 8 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

What you will learn on this course!

  • What is coding?

  • Why was coding invented?

  • What jobs do we use coding for?

  • Role model in coding

Why Coding?

  • Problem solving

    Coding is firstly about problem-solving. We code to make a process easier. For example, coding can help you automate tasks, analyse data or do complex maths.

  • Creativity

    Creativity is key for coders. To get great solutions, we need to explore new ideas.

  • Coding is the Future

    The world is developing, and coding is an incredible skill to have on your belt. So many businesses rely on coding, and it’s not limited to just tech companies!

Here's what some students thought!

We've worked with students face-to-face for three years, since March 2020 we've been working with students online. Here's some of their experiences.

"I now feel more confident about tech and I know what options are available and where to look for inspiration".

"I am so inspired and it made learning new things fun. I am definitely going to have a job in tech now and before I wasn’t sure"

“It was all absolutely amazing!”

Students questions answered:

  • Is it free for me to study with you?

    Yes. Our partners such as Don't Be Shy, Coop and the Big Lottery have fully funded this platform so that we're able to keep it free for all of our students.

  • How long does the course take?

    The course is split into 6 modules. Each module has a video of approximately 5 minutes long for you to watch. You will also need to do some work to go along with the video which should take you around 30 minutes. But how long you take on each module is completely up to you! Remember, the more you put into it the more you'll get out of it :)

  • What will I learn during the Coding course?

    This course has been designed for beginners. You should expect to gain a basic understanding of what coding is, how to apply it and what jobs might use code. We look at a few female coding role models in this course and you will also gain an understanding of the history of coding!

  • How will I learn and what equipment do I need?

    You will just need access to the internet and a reliable device. It helps if you have a laptop or computer to view the videos and complete the tasks, but you can view content on a phone too. If you need a device let us know by email as we may be able to help you with that: [email protected]

  • How long will it take me to complete this course?

    To get the most out of the course you will need to watch some short films for each of the 6 modules. Our films are only a few minutes long because our students told us that it works best for them at shorter lengths.

  • Will I be able to save and come back to my work?

    Yes. Your work is saved within your profile on the platform.