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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will I learn during the Tech For Good: UX Design course?

    In our Tech for good: UX Design course, you’ll learn how to design a tech product which solves a problem for humans.Take a look:https://online.innovateher.co.uk/courses/tech4good-UXdesign at the course page to see the skills you'll develop and who will be teaching your course.

  • How will I learn and what equipment do I need?

    You will just need access to the internet and a reliable device. It helps if you have a laptop or computer to view the videos and complete the tasks, but you can view content on a phone too. If you need a device let us know by email as we may be able to help you with that: [email protected] We have aimed to design the course so that it's accessible for everyone. For example, all of the videos are subtitled and have transcripts. Let us know if you need an adjustment or any of the content in a different format. The course is hosted by industry expert mentors who work in the tech team at the BBC. You will be inspired by their stories! All of the course material is recorded in video format for you to watch anytime you can fit it in. Our Mentors will guide you through how to solve / hack a real life problem using technology as a part of the solution. You will also have access to our InnovateHer Masterclasses for additional learning and inspiration! These cover topics like staying safe online, body positivity and much more (not just tech stuff).

  • How long will it take me to complete a course?

    To get the most out of the course you will need to watch some short films for each of the 6 modules. Our films are only a few minutes long because our students told us that it works best for them at shorter lengths. There is a handful of short videos to watch for each session and then we'll set you some tasks to complete. The tasks take around 30 minutes to do, but they prepare you for the next session so it's important to do them. We also host live sessions from time to time so that you can ask mentors questions and chat to other students. These last around 20 minutes, depending on how many questions we get! Our masterclasses can be viewed as stand alone videos as they are not part of the courses. These are just 3 - 8 minutes long each.

  • What happens with my ideas, designs and concepts that I create on the course?

    The ownership of your ideas, concepts and designs remains with you as the creators. We may share creations with our partners from time to time and publish them on our social media channels, but we'll always ask your permission to do this first. If any of our partners or external organisations wish to develop an idea of yours, they will need to seek permission from us and you first.

  • I'm having technical issues with the platform, what should I do?

    If you're having trouble logging in, try resetting your password using the password reset option on the login page. The system will email you a reset password link and you can follow the instructions. If you can't remember your username you may need to contact our team for support on the email below. If you have found any other technical errors when using the site, please let us know on: [email protected]. We want to make sure that the experience is smooth for our students, so we'd like to hear your feedback if something has gone wrong. Please include details of the problem in your email, including which browser you're using and whether you're on a phone or a laptop.

  • Is it safe for me to study online with you?

    We are passionate about creating safe online environments and have created a privacy and safety framework with you in mind. We consulted with our students to make sure that we had taken on board their concerns. You can find all the information on this by clicking on the 'safety first' link in the footer below. If you need to report anything which has concerned you whilst using our online service, you can do this on the link below.

  • Is it free for me to study with you?

    Yes. Our partners such as SONY, Coop and the Big Lottery have fully funded this platform so that we're able to keep it free for all of our students.

  • Can boys study with you too?

    At the moment our courses are for those who identify as a girl or non-binary. This is because we are dedicated to solving a problem in industry; only 19% of tech jobs are currently taken by women. So we're actively encouraging girls and non-binary people to consider jobs in tech to help balance this out. We encourage people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, faiths and sexualities to study with us too.

  • Where will I learn?

    Our courses are virtual, so you can learn from home whenever you like! You might be able to have this course hosted in your school, we can arrange this with your teacher. If you'd like to do this, let us know which school you are at by email and we'll take it from there.