Some people say that technology is just for boys.

We’re here to help you learn some badass skills and give you the confidence to prove them wrong!

  • Are you age 13-17?
  • Do you identify as a girl or as non-binary?

If the answer to those was yes, then you’re in the right place.

InnovateHer Online was created to support young girls and non-binary people who want to get into tech! We want to create a community which empowers these groups.

If you do not identify as a girl, woman or a non-binary person but are an ally, you are still welcome to learn with us, but please be mindful of who this space was designed for. We want everyone to feel safe, confident, and inspired on our platform.


We have a new course for you to try...

We’ve been improving our Tech4Good: UX Design course over the last year, working with students and mentors to make it the best it’s ever been. Check out our #Tech4Good 2.0 course!

You’ll learn key skills like presenting, designing and prototyping - getting your idea and product ready to code.

Once you join us, you’ll meet inspiring people who work in digital and technology jobs from all over the world.

Tech4Good 2.0

We've taught over 4,000 students aged 13-17 over the past 5 years.

Here's what they thought of our courses:

"My mentor really inspired me and taught me lots of new skills and more about how important technology is in the real world"

"You really helped me to get more confident about pitching and being more confident about sharing my ideas"

"I made new friends during the course."

You’ll make new friends who, like you, have a passion for tech, whether that’s gaming, coding, filming or whatever!

We’re here to connect you. We want to make a big online family of students like you, who help one another.

Remember to read our code of conduct to understand how we'd love for you to use our platform and engage with others!

Student Community - Unity

Meet our Role Models!

We work with cool companies like SONY Playstation and if you're curious about what some of their teams do everyday, check out our Meet the Expert videos. You'll get a peek into their lives and maybe inspired to follow a similar career path!
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