What you'll learn

This course isn’t really a course, it’s short introduction to help you understand why we InnovateHer Online was created.

We will show you how to get around the site and understand what information you’ll be seeing. You’ll be able to see what kinds of things you’ll learn across our courses, video series and skills sessions and how to find them - easy.

Why it's important

A really important part of this introduction is the consent section. We want the all young girls and non-binary students to be able to work in tech and we want to help upskill you but, legally, to agree to a privacy policy, UK law says you have to be 13.

If you are 13+ you jump straight into courses and start learning. However, if you’re under 13, we’ll need one extra thing from you: your parent or guardian’s consent. You’ll be able to do that via this course and once we have it, you can get going on courses too!

Completed this course?

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