About the Assemblies: International Women’s Day & STEAM Week

#IWD2023 #BinLimitations #EmbraceEquity

Rewatch our 20-minute assemblies featuring 6 inspiring STEAM role models!

To honour international women’s day, we contacted 6 incredible female role models in various careers, from a Designer, an Engineer, and even a Data Scientist, to deliver inspiring talks to you about the countless possibilities in STEAM!

Limitations? We don’t think so. These empowering assemblies spotlight the limitations that the STEAM role models had to overcome to get to where they are, all to show you that anything is possible. You should never be limited by anything. You can achieve anything.

These assemblies are part of our International women’s day X STEAM celebration, they focus on and introduce you to equity- the theme for International women’s day 2023. Equity is making sure that people with different needs can be equally as successful, that no one faces limitations in what they want to achieve, or anywhere else.

The role models in the assemblies talk about how they overcame their limitations; in order to inspire you to see the STEAM industries as career paths.

Pretty cool, right?

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