Course Description

User Experience, known as UX, makes a huge difference to the usability of a product or digital experience.

UX Designers don’t just focus on creating products that are easy and slick to use, they also focus on things like efficiency and how fun it is to use.

Here’s your chance to learn about what UX Design is and how it’s applied in the real world. If you're wondering whether to take our full #Tech4Good (T4G): UX Design course, this is a short introduction to the kinds of topics you'll cover to help you decide!

About this Course

Our courses are 100% online, and have been designed by industry experts to give you a real insight of what it means to really be a UX Designer!

  • Level: Beginner

  • 100% online

  • Learning on your own

  • Time to complete: 30 - 45 mins

  • Closed captions and transcripts included

  • Language: English

Course Outline

    1. About this Course

    1. We have two questions for you!

    2. What is Design Thinking?

    3. Defining the problem

    4. Finding your solutions

    5. User Journey

    6. Prototyping

    1. Want to know how UX designers can make a huge difference in the world?

    2. How do UX Designers work with different people in the team?

    3. How many women work in UX Design?

    4. What subjects could you study to get into UX careers?

    1. What did you think of "Understanding UX"?

    2. What's next?

About this course

  • Free
  • 13 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content

What you will learn on this course!

  • How to think like a UX Designer

  • Understand how a UX Designer might create a product

  • How can you learn more about UX

Who will be teaching the course?

We worked with a few UX Designers to develop the course. Meet:

User Experience Designer @ BBC Hazel Wyllie

Hazel designs iPlayer and she loves her job because it’s creative, involves problem-solving and is all about people. Hazel is bringing all her design expertise and BBC industry experience to the course to teach you. Her strengths are creativity and teaching.

Insights Director @ User Conversion Llara Geddes

Llara's job is to understand the people who use websites and apps, and design improvements that make them easier or better to use for everyone. Llara’s strengths are creativity, collaboration, storytelling and understanding people. Llara will be teaching you these skills throughout the Tech4Good programme. She is obsessed with trainers!!

Your questions answered:

  • Is it free for me to study with you?

    Yes! All of our courses are fully funded by our partners to make sure we're able to keep them free for all of our students.

  • How long does the course take?

    This is one of our short courses, so it should take you around 45 minutes.

    If you would like to do a longer, more in-depth course then check out #Tech4Good (T4G): UX Design course

  • Why is UX important?

    UX is important because it thinks and considers the people using your product/service. It means that when we design, we consider how people from every background, ability and skill level would use it. UX Designers can make sure that no one is excluded from the process and groups that might be often overlooked are included.

    Every product or app created now has a UX Designer involved in the process. It's a job that lets you work in various industries, and we want more people from different backgrounds working in UX to make sure all these products work for everyone!

  • How will I learn and what equipment do I need?

    You will just need access to the internet and a reliable device. It helps if you have a laptop or computer to view the videos and complete the tasks, but you can view content on a phone too. If you need a device let us know by email as we may be able to help you with that: [email protected]

  • Will I be able to save and come back to my work?

    Your work is saved within your profile on the platform so you can pause and come back to it at any time.